International business and expansion

We help SME’s go global with an improved chance of success through a structured process, risk minimisation and a solid network of partners in Europe and abroad.

Our competitive advantage lies within the combination of digital marketing, new technologies and an international network, and we have developed a service which is aimed towards testing your products potential on foreign markets.

Test your product on a new market

How much traction would my product have on this new market?

We set up powerful content marketing campaigns in combination with social media and remarketing pixels in order to help you evaluate new markets from home.

B2B/B2C lead generation abroad

Who would be interested in buying my product or service on a specific market?

We help you with lead generation and to set up marketing automation systems,  in order to add new potential customers to your sales funnel.

Sourcing, manufacturing and partner search abroad

How can I find a manufacturer for my product?

Through a mix of in-house expertise and solid partnerships in China we help you find the right sourcing partner and factory to manufacture your product.